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To explore, understand and imitate how the bubble and drop works, and the how nature works…you can also find the recent scientific developments and new measuring methods here.
· Comparison of calculated contact angle based on different method and different company 2015-04-16
· measuring contact angle of lotus leaf based on different method 2015-03-26
· USA KINO invented a new sample stage for measuring contact angle of same drop with 360° 2015-03-09
· contact angle goniometer for measuring contact angle of single glass fiber 2015-03-09
· contact angle meter for measuring IFT between Dish washing detergent and blend oil 2015-03-09
· measuring interface tension between some oil and water based on pendant drop method 2015-03-09
· contact angle of cloth using captive bubble method 2015-03-09
· History of key technology of surface chemistry instrument from USA KINO 2015-03-09
· measuring surface tension of cyanoacrylate adhesive by ADSA-RealDrop method 2015-02-27
· function of image enhancement from contact angle meter software CAST3 2015-02-27
· measuring contact angle of water drop- oil- solid system (water-fluid-solid) 2015-02-27
· contact angle meter model SL200K measuring contact angle with low value and poor background 2015-02-27
· measuring surface tension by pendant drop for non axisymmetric drop shape 2015-02-27
· measuring interfacial rheology for surfacant by oscillating drop method 2015-02-13
· capture drop images using oscilating drop at speed of 100Hz with close loop mode 2015-02-13
· measuring contact angle of clod using contact angle meter 2015-02-13
· contact angle measurement of FCB (Flexible PCB) using contact angle goniomer 2015-02-13
· measurement of contact angle for rock core with contact angle meter 2015-02-13
· measurement of contact angle for clean cloth made of microfiber 2015-02-13
· how to measure contact angle with value below 30° 2015-02-13
· spinning drop interfacial tensiometer model TX500C 2015-02-13
· surface tensiometer model A101plus 2015-02-13
· difference of Wilhelmy Plate method from four company 2015-02-13
· Price list of kino's spinning drop interface tensiometer 2015-02-13
· Price list of kino's surface tensiometer 2015-02-13
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KeyWords of USA KINO: we are the manufacturer of surface tensiometer which is used to measurement of surface tension or surface tension of liquid/ and supplier of contact angle meter also named as contact angle goniometer for measurement of contact angle or contact angle between liquid-solid and expert of interfacial tensiometer which is used to measure interface tension interfacial tension by pendant drop method, sessile drop method, Wilhelmy plate method ,DuNouy Ring method and spinning drop method