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Contact angle measurement system for ultra-high temperature or vacuum atmosphere measurement SL200HT

SL200HT series is a drop shape analysis based surface chemical analytical system for extreme conditions such as temperature of 2000 or vacuum atmosphere, specializing in measuring surface tension and contact angle under ultra-high temperature, applied in research of mineral, metallurgy, ceramic, enamel, welding, semi-conductor, glass, alloy and coal and more. The super high temperature furnace, professional optical imaging system and precision adjustable mechanics enable it perfect device for analyzing contact angle between melt and solid or surface/interface tension between melt and air/inert-gas.

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KeyWords of USA KINO: we are the manufacturer of surface tensiometer which is used to measurement of surface tension or surface tension of liquid/ and supplier of contact angle meter also named as contact angle goniometer for measurement of contact angle or contact angle between liquid-solid and expert of interfacial tensiometer which is used to measure interface tension interfacial tension by pendant drop method, sessile drop method, Wilhelmy plate method ,DuNouy Ring method and spinning drop method